Photo-Download     (please copy the number of the needed picture and paste it under the link “Photo Download”)

Comments for direct download of print-files
Steady customers have the possibility to download files on their own, weekdays from 9 am until 6 pm. 
So far, there are 70000 pictures (picture-number starts with L) available. In order to do so, you will 
receive an access-authorisation from me. After you logged in, you only have to enter the picture-number. 
In order to prevent typing errors, it is useful to copy and paste the picture-number. 

Attention: I check every pictures that was ordered by mail, and  make quality-adjustments if necessary. 
With direct download, this is not possible. For older slide-scans, it is necessary in many cases. 
Should you have downloaded a useless picture, please contact me and request a quality approved picture. 
For bigger requests, I suggest to order by e-mail. In these cases,  delivery on CD makes more sense. 
Order: Please send me an e-mail with the picture-numbers of your chosen Pictures. 
You may also copy the thumpnails into your order-mail. Delivery usually takes place within 24 hours. 
Longer periods of absence are posted on the homepage.
Tip: You can also search the index-list with all tags used (loading may take some time).  
That way you can see, which words are tagged.